Corporate Law and Securities law

  • Company law
  • Formation of national and international corporations
  • Prevention of unfair competition, consumer protection
  • Organising Annual General Meeting for Companies
  • Establishing of contact offices
  • Increase and reduction of capital

Business Agreements

  • Partnership agreements
  • Purchase agreements
  • Joint Ventures
  • Franchise agreements
  • Agent agreements
  • Construction agreements
  • Mortgage agreements
  • License agreements
  • Labor contracts
  • Management, consulting and service agreements

Banking and Finance law
Banks, financial institutions, financial rental companies, credit and insolvency practitioners  are represented by our office and any kind of service is provided by our Solicitor  The work done by our office comprises procedures nationally and internationally  and includes many  operations with offshore banks.

  • Banking Law
  • Financial Rental
  • Loan Agreements
  • Company financing
  • Project financing
  • International Business Financing

Labor Law

  • Individual and collective consulting for companies
  • Contract termination and dismissal issues  by the means of law
  • Occupation  accidents and diseases.

Real Estate and Construction Law
We provide consulting services for property owners and investors concerning the transfer and management of their properties and any kind of necessary procedures at the  administrative authorities.
Related areas of  services from our office;

  • Examination and procedures of title deed
  • Rental agreements
  • Mortgages
  • Sales agreements
  • Building agreements
  • All procedures related to the purchase of a property


Civil rights and Obligatons Law

  • Compensation Law and Liability Law
  • Consumer protection
  • Family, Individual and Inheritance law 

Property, renting and building law

  • International private law
  • Work and habitation licences

Execution and Bankruptcy law
In addition we also provide services in and  related with Intellectual,  Industrial Property Law, Administrative law and Inheritance law.